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    The services we offer include, but are not limited to Sterling Silver Repair, Silver Plate Repair, Replating, Resilvering, Cleaning and Polishing of Sterling and Silver Plate, Flatware Polishing, Flatware Buffing and Flatware Reconditioning and Silver Disposal Repair. Flatware is often referred to as silverware.

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  • Sterling Silver Repair
    • Soldering of cracked and broken items, alignment of bent arms , heads and shafts, dent removal and rebuilding of worn sterling items. We can also reset the filling on non broken items (has a rattling sound) before it become dented or breaks due lack of support.
  • Silver Plate Repair
    • Soldering of cracked and broken silver plate items, alignment of bent arms, heads and shafts, dent removal, leak repair and other repairs as needed. On plated items there may be some visible signs of repair as we are limited in the amount of final finishing we can do without damage to the surrounding plating. Re-silvering can eliminate this effect. However do to the cost of silver plating it is not recommended unless the item is badly worn.
  • Cleaning and Polishing of Sterling Silver and Silver Plate 
    • We offer various levels of polishing on silver plate and sterling silver depending on the item. On sterling items we can even remove heavy scratches at an additional charge. Engraving can be removed on many items as well.
  • Flatware Polishing, Flatware Cleaning, Buffing and Reconditioning (Silverware Polishing)
    • 1. Machine buffing flatware to return luster and remove minor surface blemishes. 
    • 2. Multiple step buffing to remove minor scratches and restore luster. Includes finishing of rough edges and straightening of shafts and tines. The cost for this service is $4.00 for regular pieces and $7.00 for larger serving pieces. We do offer a discounts for multiple pieces depending on the number we are doing at one time. Email us the with the total number of pieces and give will provide you with a price.  
    • 3. Complete reconditioning to bring silver flatware and silverware to a like new appearance. The price is based upon their present condition.
  • Silver Plating and Resilvering
    • Complete silver plating services to return your special pieces to a beautiful condition, extending their life for many years to come. Not all metals lend themselves to resilvering. Pot metals tend to blister and will be done Only At The Customers Risk with No Guaranties. Steel  also does not plate well and we will not plate stainless steel. Due to the volume of plating handled the average turn around time is six to eight weeks.
    • We also silver plate antique car headlight reflectors. Resilvering your antique car headlight reflectors will make your restoration complete.
  • Silver Disposal Repair of flatware

    • On occasion by mistake or the result of a helping friend a piece of your prized silver flatware gets into the garbage disposal. In most cases these items can be repair. The average cost is $30 to $60 which in most cases is less than the cost to replace the item, if possible. Silver garbage disposal repair on silver flatware is a very common repair. You are not the only one to do it!

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Our job is to solve your silver problems that occur every day.  We take pride in providing the best in customer services. If you cannot find an answer to your question or problem please email us.

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