Silver Repairs



Silver Repair Services included, flatware disposal repair, engraving removal,  common silver plate and sterling silver repair and silver cleaning and buffing.

Silver Repair Basics

Damaged Sterling Silver pieces can be restored to bring back to life that special look and feel it once had and does not require plating. Sterling Silver item should be stamped “Sterling” and in some cases “925 or 925 silver” somewhere on the article. Other grades of silver may be marked 900 or 800 silver if made usually in a foreign country.

If the piece is not marked as listed above or contains the word “plate” in the marking, it is more than likely silver plated. Repairs of silver plated item in many cases can be done without the need to replate. If the repairs are done on silver plate without re-plating there may be some slight evidence of the repair.  To do it with no signs of repair there would be additional charge to plate the item, which will greatly increase the cost.

Engraving Removal

Removing of engraving is a subjective choice. High quality engraving can be an asset to the piece, since it is a dying art form, which can actually make the item special. When removing engraving, it is important to note that the area where the engraving was will be thinner and weaker than the rest of the piece. If it is to be re-engraved it will be necessary to do it in another area. If the engraving is deep, the result after removing it may result in a wall too thin to be useful, such as a teapot. If you can see the engraving from the inside of the piece or can feel it with your finger nail, it is too deep to remove and still be useable. The cost of removal may not increase the value enough to offset the cost to remove it. If it is a personal or pride issue then the cost is not a factor. It must be noted that removing engraving from a hollow knife handle is at the customer’s risk, as sometimes the engraving is too deep and we are trying to remove it from a thin sheet of silver as opposed a fork or spoon which is a sold piece.

 Disposal Damage to Flatware

You are cleaning up after dinner and turn on the disposal and hear a terrible noise. You know in a flash that it is a piece of your fine sterling silver flatware taking a ride in the disposal merry- go -round.  You turn it off as fast as you can, remove the item, usually a spoon, and shocked by the damage. Depending on the damage all is not lost. In most cases the damage can be repaired and the piece be useable and have a nice appearance. However, there are limits to what can be done. If the item is damaged in the monogram, it can be smoothed out to remove any sharp edges. The engraving will show some sign of repair. If there are any deep gouged areas, there may be some areas of it visible. Removing all traces of a deep gouge will make the item too thin to use. If the piece is highly ornamental and the damage is in the area, it may not be wise in having it repaired. You would be better severed looking for a replacement piece.

 Sterling Silver and Silver Plate Repairs

Soldering of cracked and broken items, alignment of bent arms , heads and shafts, dent removal, leak repairs and rebuilding of worn sterling items. On plated items there may be some visible signs of repair as we are limited in the amount of final finishing we can do without damage to the surrounding plating. Silver plating will eliminate this effect. However, do to the cost of silver plating it is not recommended unless the item is badly worn. If it is broken or damaged we can probably fix it.

 Silver Disposal Repair of flatware

On occasion by mistake or the result of a helping friend a piece of your prized silver flatware gets into the garbage disposal. In most cases these items can be repair. The average cost is $30 to $60, which in most cases is less than the cost to replace the item, if possible. Silver garbage disposal repair on silver flatware is a very common repair. You are not the only one to do it!

 Silver Polishing Only

If you items only need professional cleaning and polishing the cost to restore the brilliance is 35% or less of the prices listed to replate. See our hollowware plating cost chart. If the items are silver plated, the plating must be reasonably sufficient to be polished and not worn or corroded. If the plating is worn you may notice a dull copper or based appearance. You may also notice a dull or powdery gray color of the feet, handle and trim. In most cases these item will not polish to meet our standards.