Silver Plating



The Silver Plating Process

Many of our customer think that resilvering or silver plating is done by dipping the piece in liquid silver to restore the finish. However it is not that simple. The process that we use to silver plate and restore your valued item is quite involved. Our silver plating service is not limited to household items. We also silver plate or resilver antique car headlights and reflectors.

Wine Cooler Before



Upon receipt of each piece it is marked with an identification number, carefully inspected and a work order is prepared listing what work needs to be done prior silver plating to return it to its best possible condition.


Repairs and Cleaning

Prior to silver plating the piece is cleaned down to its base metal, polished to remove as many pits, scratches and imperfections as possible without damage to the design. Dent removable, straightening and repairs are completed in this step. Once this is complete the item begins the silver replating process. Each item is electrolytically clean to remove all cleaning compounds.



After cleaning each piece undergoes several pre-plating processes and rinse steps, being inspected continuously to ensure the best results. After the pre-plating is complete the final heavy coat of silver is applied using electrolysis. The silver applied is 99.9% pure silver the finest silver available.


Silver Plating and Inspection

Once the final silver plate is applied , the piece is then highly polished to return its luster and brilliance. Prior to returning it, the piece must pass the final inspection to ensure the silver plate is the best possible and that are parts align and sitting level.Wine Cooler After Silver Plating


Thing to Consider

Pits and Corrosion

If the piece is very pitted or corroded  we may not be able to remove all of the defects, but will do the best possible. If a piece is too damaged we may return it as is. We will do our best to preserve any existing engraving



Minor dents that are accessible can normally be removed and are included in our charges. Excessive dents and dents that are in inaccessible areas such as rolled rims, double-walled urns, hollow handles and spouts may not be removable and if it is possible would be at an additional charge.



Minor soldering is included, such as a detached hinge or cracked solder joint . Major repair work would be additional charge.

Older pieces made have been made with a frosty and bright finish. If the piece contains frosty surfaces we will attempt to preserve it. If the frosty area is worn down, it will probably removed and result in a bright finish.


Any item that contains glass, china, enameled, wicker or wood handles, porcelain  and/or electrical parts will be done only at the customer's risk.


Your Inspection

Upon receiving it is possible you may find  White spots or blushing areas. This is due to porous nature of silver as well as hollow areas that may trap the plating solutions and bleed out over a period of time. These spots were not present when we shipped your item. In most case that can be removed by washing the piece or using a little silver polish, then washing or a silver polishing cloth. If you can not remove these spot please return it to us a we will correct it at no charge to you.