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Is Silver Plating Expensive?

The cost to silver plate an item with a quality that will last 20 to 25 years, has increased much over the years.

We strive to keep our silver plating cost to the lowest price possible to be completive and maintain the highest standards possible to achieve a finished product that is second to none. However, there are factors that are beyond our control. The cost of silver is a relatively small portion of our overall cost. Labor, utilities, chemicals and environmental and safety regulation compliance is where the most money is spent. Unfortunately, these cost continue to increase.

There maybe some plating companies that choose not to comply with the environmental regulations, to reduce their silver plating cost, but we are not one of them.

Our goal to to produce the best silver plating possible, operate within the laws and do it for a price that is reasonable and fair.

Is my piece worth the cost to have it silver plated?

The answer to this questions is subjective.

 If your item was purchased in the last few years at a low cost, it probably not worth the expense. There are many common silver plated item on the market at a low price. Being located in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby many people buy a cheap set of Mint Julep cups, only to realize the plating is gone in a year or two. This set of four retails for around $69.00. The cost to silver plate these four cups correctly, is $540.00. However, properly cared for they should give you 20 years of use. If you throw the cheap one away every two years and buy new one, assuming the cost does not increase over the years you will spend $690.00. We also get request to silver plate antique car headlight reflectors. The plating cost is around $140.00 each. It is worth the expense, since these pieces are no longer in production and you have invested thousands to make your antique car a prized show piece.

 If you have a piece that is special to you or has been in the family for many years, then the cost to silver plate or re-silver is a minor part of the decision to have it restored. If the piece provides special memories from the past, it probably is worth considering having it restored. 

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