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If you have questions in regards to, the caring of, repairing and/or plating of your silver, please feel free to contacts us. It your question is in regards to repairing an item, please advise us if is sterling or plated. If you are not sure, look for the manufacture's stamp or marking. If it is sterling it should be marked "sterling" or ".925". There are pieces that are made of silver, but may not be made to the sterling standard of .925% silver in content. These pieces may be marked 900 or even 800. If you could send a reasonably good photos of the entire piece and one with a closer view of the damage it will be most helpful.

Please note, we do not silver plate jewelry, has it is quite costly and does not last very long. In some cases, if you have a very special piece, we may be able to made a mold of it and remake it in silver or gold. The mold will produce a exact copy of the original, but will be approximately 4% smaller. A special charm or medal would be an example.

If you are requesting pricing information or an estimate.

Please provide as much information as possible. This information should include, if applicable, description of the piece, size or measurements and details of the problem you want solved. Attaching photos of the piece in question will help a great deal. When taking a photo try to place a ruler beside the item to give us a better idea of the scale. Do not try to get to close to the item when taking a photo. Avoid too much light as silver is highly reflective and will reduce the clarity. If we receive proper information, we will do the best possible to provide you a price range to solve the problem. This pricing is based on what we can determine from you information and photos. If the piece is plated will may not be able to determine what the base metal is. Some base metals, such as die-cast are in most cases not repairable. Most companies will not give you any pricing without actually having the piece in hand. We do get many request for pricing and it does take sometime to make an educated guess.

Many request are received and we will do our best to reply in a timely manner. This takes time to review the information. However, we receive no response to some of our replies. This could be for various reasons: The price was more than expected, found someone else to do the work at a lesser cost, regardless of their skills or were just curious and had to much time on their hands. Therefore, once we provide you with a price range or request additional information we will keep your file open for 10 days. After this ten day period has past, with no reply, we will delete your information. After this period you will need to resubmit all the information and get new pricing. Remember, since we do not have the piece in hand, it is really a questimate, when pricing we will error on the high side of the price range. It is not our intention to give you a low ball price, just to get you to send it to us. Quality work at a fair prices.

You will be given an actual price once we have the article in our shop and you can decide to have it done or returned. Return shipping charges will apply.

Please send the requested information to: