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 Sterling Silver Repair, Silver Plate Repair, Silver Restoration, Buffing and Disposal Repair of Flatware and Resilvering and Silver Plating of you items.

Looking for help to keep your silver, whether it is sterling silver, silverplate or silver plated in good condition, our 34 Years of Experience can help you. Many items just need expert cleaning and polishing. Some item need silver plating or resilvered, often referred to as silver dipping, resilvering, silver re-plating and silver plating . We also provide tips on cleaning and storing of your valued pieces.

sterling silver repairCIS Ltd. located in Louisville, KY. specializes in the restoration of all types of silver. One of a few companies that provides the expert repair of silver plate which upon completion, in most cases, does not require the additional cost of re-silvering.  Should your item require silver re-plating, or you have an item that is worn, it can be silver plated to achieve the original beauty. The silver re-plating and silver plating and restoration process used is done under the highest standards.

Having a special occasion and your sterling silver flatware just doesn’t have that magic look anymore. We can provide flatware polishing, flatware buffing and flatware cleaning services to remove the minor scratches and resort its luster. Upon completion your silver flatware will have sparkle it did when it was new.

That fine piece of sterling silver or silver-plate has been damaged, broken or bent. Don't hide it in the closet, have it repaired. Our sterling silver repair and silver plate repair services will produce result that you will be proud to display. We can also repair garbage disposal damage to your silverware. Silver Disposal damage to your flatware is not uncommon, in most cases can be repaired for less than to cost to replace. However the repair charges can vary depending on the amounts of  disposal damage to your sterling flatware.

damaged silver soup spoon                  restored silver soup spoon 

Services includes: silver plate repair, sterling silver repair, dent removal, soldering broken pieces, silverware polishing and silverware cleaning, silver plating, flatware buffing, repair and polishing.

Specializing in the restoration and repair of Sterling Silver and Silver Plate.

Common needs for sterling silver repair or silver plate repair:  repaired silver teapotbroken silver teapot

    Broken or detached handle, broken or detached leg, dents, broken hinge, damage to various parts of a candle stick, silverware disposal damage, bent or unlined parts, leaks, twisted base or just needs a complete commercial polishing. We can repair most items, however, sometimes the cost is too great unless it is very special to you. If the item is not worth repairing we will tell you as we have enough business, that we do not want to waste our time or your money. We also re-silver antique car headlamps or reflectors.

Common Restoration Services:

    General cleaning and machine polishing which removes minor blemishes from silver flatware, silver plated flatware, silver plated and sterling silver items, such as tea pot or candles to restore their luster and alignment of bent parts.

We take great pride in the end results of the treasures you entrust to us!

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